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    This plan includes all goods and services necessary for a simple cremation when death occurs anywhere in the world outside of 75 miles of your residence.

    Basic services of funeral director and staff
    Transportation within our service area when death occurs in San Bernardino, San Diego and Riverside counties
    Worldwide away from home coverage in case of death 75 miles from residence
    Use of licensed climate controlled holding facility
    Cremation/crematory fee
    Return of urn to family at our office


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    Death occurs in San Diego, San Bernardino or Riverside counties

    This package includes the basic services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of the body from the place of death within the Seller's Service Area when death occurs in San Diego, San Bernardino or Riverside County, to a refrigerated holding facility and to a crematory facility, with use of a positive identification system, filing of death certificate, the actual process of cremation with the chosen container and urn, disposition of the cremated remains by return to a person designated within the Authorization for Cremation and Disposition, within a 45 mile radius from the place of death.

  • Certified Copy of the Death Certificate (required)

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  • Permit for Disposition (required)

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    This is a legal document proving that the death has been legally registered in the State with the proper authorities and allows for the cremation or final disposition of a loved one. This document must be issued prior to the disposition taking place.

  • California Department of Consumer Affairs Fee (required)

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    This is a flat fee charged by the State of California on every cremation that takes place. It will be placed in the cash advance section of the statement of goods and services.

  • Delivery of Urn to Local Cemetery or Residence

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    Within 80 mile radius of place of death